Texas Louisiana Hispanic District Girls Ministries

P.O. BOX 1019, Poth, TX 78147

Annual District Reports

*For Coordinators

District Girls Ministries Leadership & Momentum Training

November 8-9, 2019

@ Iglesia El Aposento Alto

Baton Rouge, LA

*If you are interested in us providing a Leadership Training in your area/section please read through the information below and contact our offices at 210-823-0302.

*Si esta interesado en que se haga un Adiestramiento de Lideres para Ministerio de Jovencitas en su area o seccion por favor comunicase con nosotros al 210-823-0302.

LTG Certification Training

As District Girls Ministries Leaders it is our desire to help facilitate opportunities for local and sectional coordinators and sponsors to enhance their learning through various leadership trainings offered by the National Girls Ministries Department.

When requesting District leaders to visit your church or section in order to conduct a training we ask that you take the following into consideration:

  • Time frame requested-2 Days

  • Flyers are provided by the District Girls Ministries Office

  • Registration is $12/participant to cover books and other materials utilized during training. All monies must be mailed to the district Girls Ministries office at least one month in advance of the training date to ensure sufficient time for arrival of materials. (*If the hosting party prefers to order their own books that is their perogative).

  • Snacks & Meals

    The host section or church is

    asked to provide some sort of light

    snack on Friday evening and a

    light lunch for participants on


  • Honorarium for Presenters The district leadership asks for a love offering to offset traveling expenses to be payable to "TLHD Girls Ministries."

  • Oral Administration Exams can be administered orally at the end of the trainings if the participants are in need of that accommodation.

  • Facility Requirements Include access to tables and chairs (classroom set-up) and room for moving around easily as the trainings are very interactive. Extra facility requests that are appreciated, but not required are a small sound system, projector screen, and projector.

To book your Leadership Training, please call our office at 210.823.0302 or email us at [email protected]